Traveling from India to Canada for Medical Treatment

India to Canada medical treatmentThe healthcare system in India is widely criticized for being inaccessible and disorganized. There are really two different worlds when it comes to healthcare in India. There is the world of private healthcare, which a majority of the population depend on for regular healthcare services. Then there is the world of public healthcare, which only the poor use. Poverty is widespread in India and many must rely on government provided healthcare, however, it is no where near advanced enough to accommodate the number of people who must rely on it. The ratio of government run medical facilities to people who rely on them is grossly disproportionate. Even when residents can be seen at a government funded medical facility, the medical services are of low quality and highly disorganized.

This is why some residents of India may benefit from medical tourism. Medical tourism is a modern trend of traveling for the purpose of medical treatment abroad. Nearly every country around the globe has citizens who have discovered medical tourism, and the trend is on the rise. People travel for a number of medical treatments, including surgeries, specialist services, second opinions, prescription medications, unconventional treatments and rehabilitation. People may prefer the medical care in another country for a variety of reasons: better reputation, better insurance coverage, affordability and more.

Canada, for example, is a preferred destination of Indian medical tourists. Canada and India have a good travel relationship to begin with, and medical tourism is no exception. Canada’s healthcare system brings travelers from the world over who are eager to take advantage of its highly acclaimed medical system. The healthcare in Canada is largely public, and the public healthcare system has been praised as one of the superior public healthcare systems in the world. Canadian addiction treatment and medical treatment is some of the finest in the world, and insurance policies for foreigners to meet with them can be easily purchased. Residents of India who are able to travel and are looking for better medical provision should consider traveling to Canada to have their needs met.