The beauty of Canada healthcare

Healthcare in Canada happens to be one of the most preferred among other countries owing to several reasons.

The government of the country plays a pivotal role in providing quality healthcare assistance to its residents and citizens. Provision for these services is made for the citizens on a provincial and territorial basis.

Canada maintains a decentralized and publicly funded health system called Canadian Medicare.

Canadian Medicare contributes coverage of about 70% of Canadian’s medical needs for citizens and permanent residents. The 30% that appears to be not catered for are only areas that a partially covered, some of which are, dental care, eye care, and prescription drug.

Canada’s universal healthcare system for permanent residents and citizens

Citizens and permanent residents of Canada can apply for public health insurance to benefit from the Medicare facility. With that, they need not worry about most healthcare bills.

After applying, the applicant is issued a government health insurance card which must be tendered at the hospital or medical clinic before attention is granted. These medical services are paid for through taxes.

This Health insurance plan varies among different provinces, therefore, citizens should be aware of what their plan covers.

However, in all provinces and territories, emergency health issues are attended to with or without the government health insurance card.

Canada’s universal healthcare system for non-citizens and non-residents

Canada’s healthcare system is only universal when it comes to its citizens and permanent residents.

For others that are not citizens or permanent residents, there are restrictions placed on their healthcare provision. However, International students and temporary residents who possess valid permits are qualified for healthcare coverage.

Only students that have enrolled for a full-time course of a minimum of 12 months are qualified for this provision.

Workers as well must be fully employed by an employer to qualify. Visitors and tourists are not to benefit from the free healthcare, but exemptions are made at times.